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The essential problem

worldwide emissions as at 2019


giga tons
 carbon dioxide emission 


millions of tons 


degrees (celcius) more 
until 2050

Problem 1: 
Growing CO2 emissions

Between 1990 and 2017 the total emission of CO increased up to 63.5 % worldwide. In 2019, mankind blew 36.7 giga tons of COinto the atmosphere! More than ever before! 

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Problem 2: 
Plastic in the oceans

Plastic nets, plastic bottles, fishing nets... – the rising number of plastic in our ocean is destroying the biodiversity of the earth and the ecological system of the sea more and more until one day, we will have more plastic than fish swimming in the ocean.

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Our approach :
combined recycling process

  • retrieval of biofuel 
  • Deploymerisation of plastics 
  • recycling of with plastic contaminated organical waste
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Step 1: 
the production of climate-neutral fuel 

Biofuel is climate neutral as plants decompose anyway in the nature every day. During the natural decompose process bound CO2 of the plants are released into the atmosphere. Only if during the decomposing process the organic material is coverred by mude or earth, the CO2 can't be released as oxigen is missing.

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2nd step : 
Deploymerisation of plastics

Rivers are delivering most of the plastics into the oceans. This is one important focus area if we want to solve the problem. To pursuade the people in those countries to support cleaning the world from plastic we need an economic attractive incentive business concept. Exactely there is our starting point ...


Our Vision

The human behavior is a sever risk to our world. Nature today is permanently challenged with problems not known before. The impacts will be so sever that nature and human kind will face tremendouse changes.

To limit the negative consequnces we need to change our behavior now. To make those changes happen, we need economical attractive measures that make it for people acceptable. With the ReSeT technology and business concept both is possible: the protection of climate & oceans and economically attractive.

"​With this project we will increase the ecological awareness and make the importancy of climate and nature protection a topic for everybody."

– Burkart Schulte

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