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Our approach :
Combined (2 in 1) recycling system

Producing Biofuel
The recycling technology developed by ReSeT is a combined process. On one side there is the hydrocarbonisation. With that, the organic part in the mixed plastic waste can be recycelt into a high value and climate neutral bio fuel product.

Depolimerisation of plastic 
On the other side the thermic depolimerisation. For that, it is important, that plastic that swims on the water surface and food packaging are normally only Polyolefine short PE and PP. All other plastics e.g. PVC are more heavy than water and will drown before getting captured. 

Recycling of organic waste mixed with plastic 
In the food industry, food trade and also in the private households, a great amout of with plastic contaminated biological waste can be found. Mostly those were burned in garbage incineration plants on high costs. This process is not only economical inefficent, but also inferior from a recycling perspective. Our method conserves the nature while in the same way gaining valuable raw materials and contribute to a economical profit.